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How Rowan Atkinson Has Been Brilliantly Miscast (or The Strange Case Of Inspector Maigret)

Mr Bean Now Plays The Philosophical, World-weary Detective Created By Georges Simenon.

Originally published in on Jun 30, 2017

Was Roger Moore The Best James Bond Ever? Or The Worst?

The History Of The 007 Franchise Would Have Been Vastly Different If Timothy Dalton Or Oliver Reed Had Been Picked Over Roger Moore.

Originally published in on May 28, 2017

The Romance That Caused Dev Anand To Be Known As ‘Gregory Peck Of India’

The American Star’s Name Was Hyphenated With Dev Anand’s. But How Did That Happen?

Originally published in on Apr 06, 2017

Quentin Tarantino, The Master Of Haemo-porn, Says Goodbye

The Maverick American Filmmaker Is Going To Direct Two More Films And Then Retire. So What Can We Expect To See?

Originally published in on Dec 25, 2016

Thespian, Gambler And Time Traveller: The Remarkable 100-year Run Of Kirk Douglas

The Actor And Producer, Who Completes A Century In December, Is One Of The Last Great Stars Of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Originally published in on Oct 24, 2016

Look Out Hollywood, Here Comes Chollywood

The Chinese Film Industry Is Growing At A Scorching Pace And Challenging American Studios With Its Ambitions.

Originally published in on Sep 17, 2016

Akshay Kumar's ‘Rustom’ Doesn’t Quite Capture The Hysteria Surrounding The Nanavati Scandal

The Indrani Mukerjea Case Seems Insignificant In Comparison, Remembers An Avid ‘Blitz’ Reader From The Time.

Originally published in on Aug 21, 2016

17 Reasons Why ‘Star Trek’ Is Galaxies Ahead Of ‘Star Wars’

Is That Even A Debate?

Originally published in on Jul 20, 2016

Gregory Peck Is Proof That Nice Guys Actually Do Win

Remembering The Hollywood Star Who Turned 100 This Year.

Originally published in on Jun 12, 2016

‘I Don’t Know Enough To Be Incompetent’: The Incomparable Woody Allen

Presenting A Close-up Of The Director, Whose ‘Café Society’ Will Open This Year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Originally published in on Apr 10, 2016

Why Archaeologists Hate (and Love) Indiana Jones

With A Fifth Movie Featuring Harrison Ford’s Iconic Hero In The Works, It’s Time To Look Closer Look At The Irreverent Adventurer.

Originally published in on Apr 04, 2016

Oscar Watch: The ‘I’m Not Going To Thank My Parents For Having Me’ Ritual

Speeches At The Academy Awards Are About To Change Drastically – And Thank God For That.

Originally published in on Feb 22, 2016

What Made Freddie Mercury’s Voice So Magical? His Teeth

The Singer Believed His Buck Teeth Gave His Voice The Special Resonance. Scientists Now Think There Was Another Reason.

Originally published in on Sep 05, 2017

'Hello Darkness': It's 50 Years Since 'The Sound Of Silence' Stormed The Global Music Charts

It Is Strange To Think That The Song Could Have So Easily Vanished Without A Trace.

Originally published in on Oct 09, 2016

'Freddie Mercury Was A Prodigy': Rock Star's Panchgani School Bandmates Remember 'Bucky'

On The Queen Frontman's 70th Birth Anniversary, Members Of The Hectics Recount Their Early Steps In Music.

Originally published in on Sep 05, 2016