Out-Bransoning Branson: How Baba Ramdev Built A Uniquely Elastic Brand With Patanjali

There Are Fascinating Similarities Between The Patanjali Brand And The Virgin Brand.

Originally published in on Dec 10, 2016

Long Before Pierce Brosnan And Pan Bahar There Were Other Hollywood Stars In Weird Ads

Since At Least The 1970s, Some Of The Biggest Stars Have Been Appearing In Weird Ads For Weird Products In Japan.

Originally published in on Oct 30, 2016

Pan Bahar's Pierce Brosnan Ad Created Lots Of Buzz – But Was It Really Effective?

Was The Campaign Really Targetted At Pan Masala Users, Asks A Veteran Advertising Professional.

Originally published in on Oct 22, 2016

They Called Him 'AGK Sir': AG Krishnamurthy (1942-2016), The Man Behind Mudra And MICA

He Was One Of The More Colourless People In The Advertising Industry. And That Is What Makes His Success Story So Much More Interesting.

Originally published in on Feb 07, 2016

Piyush Pandey’s Life Is An Open Book Of Advertising

'Pandeymonium', The Advertising Guru’s Much Awaited New Book, Is Less About Creativity And More About His View Of The World.

Originally published in on Oct 24, 2015

Maggi Controversy: Some Good News (and Some Bad) For Madhuri Dixit, Amitabh Bachchan And Preity Zinta

US Guidelines Make A Distinction Between Paid Actors And Endorsers.

Originally published in on Jun 03, 2015

Goodbye, Rosser Reeves

Just Stop And Think: When Was The Last Time You, As An Advertising Person, Heard The Term ‘USP’? Think Real Hard Now. Give Up? Already?

Originally published in on Jan 01, 1990

Goodnight, Frank

When I Was In College I Had One Ambition. To Someday, Please God, Be Good Enough To Work For Frank Simoes.

Originally published in Taj_magazines on Nov 03, 2021